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Medical Pulmonary and Sleep Disorder Specialists

Experts in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the airways and lungs for patients in Haverhill, Riverwalk, and Andover, MA

Pentucket Medical Pulmonary Medicine Specialists German Iosif, MD and Charles Randall, MD have dramatically improved the lives of Merrimack Valley residents with asthma and sleep disorders. Our pulmonary specialists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic cough, bronchitis and other diseases of the airways and lungs.

Our on-site laboratories and testing technology facilitate a fast, accurate diagnosis of your health problems. For people with bronchitis and emphysema, early detection and prompt, aggressive treatment can greatly improve long-term prognosis. Proper diagnosis and treatment is also vital for those with asthma enjoying full and productive lives.

Sleep Disorders and Treatment

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, about 40 million people in the United States suffer from chronic long-term sleep disorders each year and an additional 20 million people experience occasional sleep problems.

At Pentucket Medical we offer the latest in diagnostic tools that help us assess and determine the best treatment approach for you. In an effort to make this a convenient process we send patients home with a test kit involves a recording unit and just six wired connections to the body. A sleep clinician will walk you through the process of setting up the device, in an effort to minimize errors. The unit is then returned to our lab for analysis and recommendations, which may include treatment by positive airway pressure through a CPAP device.

For more information contact a member of our team at 978-521-3200.

Home Sleep Assessment

Until recently, sleep studies were primarily conducted during an overnight stay in a sleep lab.

Home sleep testing is particularly useful in individual who are suspected to have obstructive sleep apnea based on the medical history and physical examination findings [snoring, witnesses breathing interruptions during sleep, daytime sleepiness, obesity, thick neck, narrow throat opening, diabetes, hypertension etc.]

Your physician may order the test when clinically appropriate or may first refer you to a sleep clinician who will then make the final testing and treatment recommendations.

For those needing additional sleep studies patients from our Newburyport office are referred to Anna Jaques Hospital and for patients seen at our RiverWalk office – Lawrence General Hospital.