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Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine Doctor in Lawrence, MA

Many common infections can be treated by your primary care clinician, however an individual may be referred to an Infectious Disease doctor when:

  • an infection is difficult to diagnose
  • an infection is accompanied by a high fever
  • an infection/illness does not respond to treatment
  • plans to travel to a foreign country or a location where infection risk is high
  • illness becomes a part of their overall care, for example, a patient with HIV/AIDS

In all of these cases, the specialized training and diagnostic tools of the Infectious Disease specialist can help determine the cause of your infection and the best approach for treatment. Our infectious disease specialists evaluated and treat conditions such as undiagnosed fevers, HIV infection, tuberculosis, bone and joint infections, skin and soft tissue infections.

RISE Clinic:

The RISE Clinic, located at our Riverwalk/Lawrence site, provides stigma-free, sex-positive, gender-affirming care to people throughout the Merrimack valley and beyond. We utilize a care model that is based on shared decision making with the patient and the latest evidence-based research to help patients make the best decisions for their health and preventive care. Services include:

  • HIV Treatment
  • PrEP/PEP for high-risk HIV exposure patients
  • STI Treatment and Prevention
  • Viral Hepatitis Treatment
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
Jessica Wisocky
Jessica Wisocky, APRN-CNP


Katie Cailleach
Katie Cailleach, RN, CCCTM

We are committed to providing an open and safe practice for patients. Led by the care team of Jessica Wisocky, APRN-CNP and Katie Cailleach, RN-BC, CCCTM, our providers are highly knowledgeable in matters of sexual health, gender affirming care, and are certified in trauma informed care. They are fully inclusive of the LGBTQA+ community and advocate for patient rights in the healthcare and public health communities.

RISE Clinic Core Values:

Respectful: We are certified, trauma-informed care clinicians, who pride ourselves on offering respectful, culturally humble and gender-affirming care to all patients through shared decision making.

Innovative: We provide cutting-edge, innovative solutions to the health care needs of the local community. We are committed to closing health care gaps for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people living with substance use disorder, as well as people living with HIV and viral hepatitis, in novel ways that expand the boundaries of the current health care framework to be inclusive of all members of the community.

Sex-positive: We cultivate a judgement-free environment that encourages informed decision making and promotes patient autonomy and self-actualization with a goal of empowering people to have healthy, positive sexual interactions with a scope that goes beyond prevention of unwanted sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

Evidence-based practice and Practice-based evidence: We are committed to practices that integrate applicable research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values while incorporating a range of treatment approaches and supports that are derived from and promote a culturally humble healthcare framework.

If you are curious about preventing exposure to HIV, we encourage you to visit the CDC’s website, to learn more.

Some additional resources include: – Since its inception in 1995, TheBody has reliably published vital HIV-related information, news, support, and personal perspectives.


Should you be planning to travel abroad, our specialists provide health consultations, including necessary vaccinations.

CDC Travel & Immunization Guidelines