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Diabetic Care and Nutrition Doctor in Lawrence, Haverhill and Newburyport, MA

Working together we help to manage your diabetes and live well in Haverhill, Lawrence, and Newburyport

Pentucket Medical’s diabetes care team and nutrition doctors offer a coordinated and highly effective approach to diabetic care and the management of diabetes and related health issues such as high glucose levels, nerve damage and heart disease. By combining education with specialist care, as needed, the diabetes care team works with you and your primary care clinician in an effort to manage the symptoms and impact of diabetes.

Effective management includes ongoing education, counseling and often consultation with medical specialists such as endocrinologists (hormones), cardiologists (heart), nephrologists (kidney) and Certified Diabetes Educators. Together they help you not only manage your diabetes but also help you live life well.

To schedule an appointment for medical diabetes care and diabetes management, please call 888-227-3762