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Primary Care for Adults

Comprehensive primary care services throughout Merrimack Valley, including Haverhill, Lawrence, and Newburyport

Pentucket Medical provides adult primary care at locations throughout the greater Merrimack Valley. We offers an integrated system of care that combines expert, medical attention with the latest technology. Your primary care team of clinicians are there guiding you through the healthcare system. Whether it is preventive (view Men’s Guidelines & Women’s Guidelines) care, diagnosis of a chronic condition or treatment for a nasty cold, your primary care clinician uses his or her expertise and extensive experience to manage your overall health.

You can request an appointment online through the patient portal at or call:

(978) 783-5000/Andover

(978) 521-3200/Haverhill

(978) 557-8900/ Riverwalk- Lawrence

(978) 499-7200/ Newburyport

What Makes Pentucket Medical Different


Personalized Care. When needed, the Pentucket Medical System of Care can smoothly move you from the personalized care of your primary care clinician to the expertise of a specialist. As a multi-specialty group practice, Pentucket Medical offers many of the major medical sub-specialties. Primary Care clinicians communicate with specialists, ensuring coordination of care so that all aspects of treatment work to your benefit.


Online Electronic Medical Record is accessible by all your Pentucket Medical clinicians and provides immediate real time access of a patient’s history, lab and test results in one place. With this information your medical team can :

Track data over time
Identify patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings
Monitor how patients measure up to certain parameters, such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings
Improve overall quality of care


Our System of Care includes assures that patients have access to needed services 7 days a week, supported by local hospital emergency care 24 hours a day.

Level 1 Primary Care

Pentucket Medical’s primary care team provides and coordinates all your health care needs. They also perform annual physical exams, help you manage your chronic health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, refer you to specialists when needed, and diagnose and treat you when a sudden illness occurs.

You can request an appointment online through the patient portal at or call (978) 521-3200.

Level 2 Urgent Care

ExpressCare is our urgent care walk in center when you need medical treatment for non-life threatening injuries or sudden illness if a member cannot see you that day, after 5:00 pm or during the weekend.

Level 3 Emergency Care

If you believe your illness or injury is life threatening, go to your nearest ER or call 911


Pentucket’s on-site laboratories make it simple for you to get the preventative screening and diagnostic tests you need. For your convenience, each practice location has a specimen collection station with comfortable waiting areas and friendly staff .

Men’s Preventive Health Guidelines

Women’s Preventive Health Guidelines

Pentucket Medical, the region’s premier medical group and your one-stop resource for all your healthcare needs.