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Pentucket Staff Spotlight: Nancy Niccolini, LPN

Having worked nearly 36 years at Pentucket Medical, Nancy Niccolini is easily one of the longest-serving nurses in our practice. A native of Haverhill’s Bradford area, Nancy joined Pentucket in 1978, just one week ahead a young gastroenterologist named Dr. Tom Fazio, now President of Pentucket Medical.

“I was his first nurse,” she says. “I got here a week before he did, and I’d never worked in an office before, having come over from the old Hale Hospital. The girls who worked with me were very nice and patient. This was up on Summer Street. In those days we were small and everyone knew everyone.”

“There were no computers in those days,” she adds. “Everything was written on paper. The first computer I ever touched was here [at Pentucket]. I was terrified!”

Today Nancy, an LPN, is a key player in Pentucket Medical’s ever busy Merrimack Valley Endoscopy Center.

“I’m a staff nurse,” she says, “and I wear a lot of hats, from phones and call backs to admitting patients, doing the recovery – whatever is needed. A few years ago I started going into the procedure rooms, which is nice. I’m the only LPN down there, all the rest are RNs. There’s always something different and new.”

Another thing that makes Nancy happy is her team of colleagues. “I love the people I work with. We are a team,” she says. “And working in Endo is a little bit like working in a hospital. I enjoy the interaction and learning, which is constant. It’s clinical, which I really like.”

At a recent employee appreciation dinner, Nancy was presented with a longevity award for 35 years of service at Pentucket Medical. Dr. Fazio spoke for all of Pentucket when he thanked her for her hard work and dedication for all these years. Pentucket Medical is lucky to have a nurse like Nancy Niccolini!