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Joy of Childhood through the eyes of a Pediatrician

Dr. John Maddox, Pediatrician

As I reflect on 20 years of being a pediatrician, during these uncertain and apprehensive times, encounters with children continue to bring joy.

Reviewing a child’s growth chart with a family is a particular delight.

There is such fascination in asking, “How tall will I be?” Whether the answer is four ten or six-ten, the essential question is, what is my full potential and how can I reach for that? Like rings of a tree that testify to years of abundance and of adversity, height and health require the right mix of nature and nurture.

While DNA and diet are important, more than anything is, every child needs supportive relationships, within the family and the community, to weather tough times and resiliently thrive.

Transcendent of daily headlines and stresses, it is a privilege to be part of each young person’s journey, hopeful for all that lies ahead.