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Healing work and healing art

It’s not the funnest thing, having blood drawn, but if it must be, our lab in the basement of RiverWalk is as cheerful place as can be found for the purpose.

The staff there smile freely and no one’s grin is quicker these days than that of Vanny Sok, a phlebotomy team member and avid artist whose bold paintings hang in the lobby and throughout the procedure spaces.

Her canvasses are bright and geometric.

“I get my inspiration from all around me,” Vanny tells a visitor who asks about her work.

“She is also a newly minted American,” Don chimes in from the reception desk. “A new citizen, just a few weeks ago!”

Vanny beams, a bit lost for words.

She began painting ten years ago, and has lately taken a studio in an artist’s building on Western Avenue in her home town of Lowell. She has a gallery in her space where some of her work is available to purchase. She also gifts pieces to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

And for the last couple of months, some of her work has made the blood lab at RiverWalk an even cheerier place.

“A lot of people come and are scared,” Vanny says. “It takes their mind off of the procedure.”

Healing work and healing art.

Congratulations, Vanny Sok!