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What to Expect at your Nephrology Appointment

At your office appointment, you may see the Nephrologist (kidney specialist) or the nurse practitioner (advanced practice nurse). They work closely together to manage your care and often alternate visits with you.

At the appointment you will:

  • have your weight checked
  • have your blood pressure checked
  • review your medications
  • have a physical exam (check your lungs, heart, legs for swelling)
  • leave a urine sample (to check for infection, protein, blood)
  • likely have blood drawn to check your kidney function and other kidney related lab tests
  • review any recent test results or discuss any further tests needed
  • discuss a plan of care- next appointment, any medication changes, lab tests needed, diet recommendations

What you can do to prepare for your appointment:

  • bring an updated list of medications
  • bring a list of any questions/concerns you have
  • if you have had lab work don at an outside location, make us aware at the visit
  • if you check your blood pressure at home, bring your blood pressure cuff to the visit so we can check your cuff
  • if you check your weight at home, bring a few recent weights