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ExpressCare Goes Extra Mile For Walk-In Patient Follow Up

Since Pentucket Medical ExpressCare at RiverWalk opened five years ago, a score of walk-in treatment offices have sprung up around the area. Yet from the start, ExpressCare has provided a service that no other clinic can begin to offer: concierge referrals.

As many as half of patients need to follow up with another physician or diagnostic resource after being seen at ExpressCare. It might be anything from a consult with their primary care doctor, seeing an orthopedist for a broken bone, care from a neurologist or ear nose & throat doc – the list goes on and on. Before leaving ExpressCare, these patients receive a seamless handoff to whatever specialty medical help or test they require.

Providing this service draws upon decades of relationships in the wider medical community. And delivering it day to day is the passion of ExpressCare’s Referral Coordinator, Cindy Verge.


“A lot of people find it hard to get on the phone, get hold of a specialist,” Cindy says.

“It’s intimidating. When I call to get an appointment, the folks in that doctor’s office know who I am. You build relationships with the people you talk to all the time.“

Cindy, at her post from Monday to Friday, says that “…Monday mornings are the busiest, because there maybe more than 50 referrals waiting for me from the weekend. These are appointments I need to make right away.”

Working through a stack of referral sheets involves more than just phoning physicians’ offices. Cindy calls and speaks with every patient first.

“It comes down to managing a lot of people’s logistics,” she says. “Even if I don’t see the patient face to face, I check with them first, find out what time works best for them, so when I call the specialist I know the right time for that patient.”

Beyond Pentucket’s wide array of sub-specialist and diagnostic services, Cindy is a familiar – and welcome – source of referrals to dozens of outside medical resources.

“I’m on a first-name basis with the people I call all the time,” she says. “Whether it’s urology, New England Neurological, Orthopedics Northeast, New England Foot & Ankle, Tallman Eye…they wouldn’t know me on sight, but they sure know my voice.”

“Even at Lawrence General – say our CT Scan department is totally booked, I can call Jeanette – ‘Hey it’s Cindy!’ I can call them and get people in. I love my work!”