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Medical Director Blog – Diabetes Management

Kenneth Adams, MD, FACC
Cardiologist and Medial Director at PMA

Many of you know me as the Senior Cardiologist at PMA and have seen a few of my blogs on heart topics. You may not know that I am also the Medical Director at PMA. This means I have a role in how we deliver medical care. I meet regularly with other providers and administrative leaders at PMA and Partners Healthcare. PMA is a member of Partners Healthcare.

I want to begin to tell you about some of the great things we do at PMA to provide you with the highest quality health care.

One of our very important initiatives focuses on patients with Diabetes. We have a team approach to Diabetes management that includes primary care providers, Endocrinologists and Certified Diabetes Educators.

Diabetes Program Goals

  • Check hemoglobin A1c at least twice a year. This blood test shows how Diabetes has been controlled for several months
  • Try to get the A1c level to 7 which shows good Diabetes control
  • Check LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) to see if it is at target. The goal is to make sure the LDL is 100 or less and/or that you are on appropriate level of cholesterol reducing medicine
  • Make sure you have an annual eye exam because Diabetes can affect vision
  • Make sure a urinalysis is checked every year to detect any abnormal protein loss

Diabetes can affect patients in so many ways including:

  • heart disease
  • vascular disease
  • eye, kidney and nerve damage.

Please be sure to follow up with the PMA Diabetes team to help us help you.

More to come in the future……stay tuned….