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How I became an allergist – By John Hein, MD

Hein | allergist |Newburyport

When I was in the first grade, I was having difficulty in school. I told my mother that I could not hear the teacher. A test indicated that my hearing was significantly impaired.

Further investigation revealed that my adenoids were enlarged and were affecting my hearing. As a result, my adenoids were surgically removed. During the operation it was discovered that the allergic cells in my body were extremely elevated.

My surgeon recommended that I be evaluated by an allergist.

Allergy testing showed that I was allergic to many molds and other environmental allergens.

After frequent doctor visits and treatments in childhood, my health and school performance greatly improved. And this experience opened my eyes to the career I have chosen for my life: I was inspired to pursue a career as an allergist.

I am extremely happy to be in the profession that I am today, a field of medicine in which a physician can make life-changing differences in lives of our patients. My life goal is to help others like myself, because I know from my own experience how allergies can miserably impair someone’s life.

Working as an allergist puts you in a field of work where you can actually cure people. You can really watch them go from being very sick to becoming very healthy, and it’s really gratifying as a physician to see this.

I would like to do everything possible to improve the health and quality of life of my patients.

John Hein, MD, AAAAI, is a member of Pentucket Medical’s Allergy Department. Dr. Hein practices in Newburyport and Haverhill. For an appointment, please call 888-227 3762.