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Mindful Monday: New Year Resolutions

With the New Year upon us, we often reflect on the year and begin to plan for the coming year. We do this by making resolutions- however; most of us break them- so this year, let’s keep it simple and see how long we can stick to our goals.

1) Prepare for Change.

For example, If you are planning to lose weight and who doesn’t have that one on the list– throw out or donate all food that will tempt you to eat.

2) Set a goal that motivates you.

Find something that “makes you want to do it”- start an art class, journal, or schedule a monthly ‘self-care day’.

3) Limit the number of resolutions

Five resolutions is a whole lot easier to manage than 20.

4) Make it manageable

Now that we are set with those five resolutions evaluate them. If one is being able to run the Boston Marathon this year it is probably not feasible unless you have been training to do so. However, it is a great idea, so start planning, have a goal of by the end of April, running a 5k or running/ walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes/ 3 times a week and go from there.

5) Be specific

‘Planning to travel more this year’- perfect- but to where? Choose a spot, start shopping for great deals and post pictures to remind you of your upcoming trip.

6) Break up big goals into smaller ones.

Again–running marathons, traveling– learning to bake the perfect loaf of bread– all take time to plan and master. So take it step-by-step and measure success throughout the process versus waiting until you have reached your goal.

7) Write them down

Keep them on a post-it by your desk, or bathroom mirror so you can see them every day- doing so will help reinforce your motivation.

With all of this, the most important resolution is- ‘if you do not succeed do not give up’. Remember, it took Thomas Edison over 100 failed attempts before he produced a light bulb that worked. Corny, yes -but it reminds us that if we do not keep trying we may never know if we succeeded.

Wishing you a Happy Successful New Year.