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Making the Most of Your Visit

Preparing for your office visit is an important step in teaming up with your clinician in becoming an active partner in your own healthcare. To make the most of your visit with your clinician we recommend that you think about the questions below and write down your answers so that you do not forget.

Before coming to your appointment, ask yourself:

  • What is the reason why I want to see my clinician?
  • What are the symptoms or concerns that I have about my health?
  • What prescriptions do I need to have refilled? The drug and dosage.
  • Have I been to the ER or been hospitalized since my last visit–if so why and where did I go for care?
  • Do I need a referral? If so–what is the clinician’s name–and the reason for the visit?
  • Have I been to any other clinicians since my last visit–if so, who did I see and for what reason?
  • What medications am I taking–have any of those changed or have I been prescribed new ones since my last visit at PMA?

It is important to bring the following to make your visit easier when checking in for your appointment:

  • Insurance Card with payment for any office co-pays and deductibles
  • Valid picture ID–any government issued ID such as drivers license, identification card
  • List of all your medications–if easier bring the bottles with you. Also, remember to list all vitamins, herbal treatments, etc.
  • If this is your first visit–be prepared to provide your family’s (mother, father, uncles, aunts, siblings, grandparents) health history. As well as your current and past health issues, surgeries, births, immunizations and treatments received.

During your appointment be sure to ask your clinician to explain anything you do not understand. Take your Clinical Visit Summary home for reference about instructions, medications, and tests needed and other information about your visit.